Butik. Digital product design

Butik is a marketplace that was created to sell, purchase and manage all the household supplies that make up a home in a unified way: Electricity, gas, internet, mobile phone lines, insurance... A digital platform with a public part to purchase services and a private part that would allow users to manage and control their home. After designing the brand, Secuoyas was also responsible for designing this product.
  • Client

    • Butik
    • Dominion
  • Industry

    • Energy
    • Telco
  • Skills

    • Interaction design
    • Research
    • Visual design
  • Team

    • 2x Product designer
    • 1x Researcher
    • 1x Planner de marca
  • Date

    • 2022


Energy, telecoms and home services marketplace

Butik is a household supplies marketplace that helps people to keep track of home expenses and save in an efficient, agile, simple and intelligent way. 

Through a private area they can manage, visualise and contract services. On the other hand it presents, a public area where users can find out about the products and services curated by the brand.

UX Research

Learning from context

User research played a major role throughout the project. We needed to constantly check that the product was aligned with user needs and the requirements of a complex business such as energy and telecommunications.

This research was particularly important since there was no competitor in the Spanish market offering all home services in an aggregated form, it was uncharted territory. Among the research methods we used were interviews, industry benchmarking and usability tests.

A key part of the research process was usability testing. Talking to users allowed us to envision and refine a recruitment process designed ad hoc for a new way of selling services. Thanks to these tests, we were able to find unmet needs and help design a truly attractive offer for the general public.

Private area

Offering comfort and control

The main challenge was to design a private area that would allow users to manage their products and services efficiently, visualising the consumption of each product over time, receiving savings advice and suggestions for contracting new products.

We designed a product that would aggregate all the consumption information and at the same time allow for the extension or reconfiguration of services already contracted. By providing all the information in a centralised way, we offer the user convenience and control, aligning the digital product with the brand's values.

Public area

The public area was conceived as a e-commerce website, focused on selling the brand's products and services, as well as promoting Butik's values and attributes. In this part we worked in close collaboration with the client's CRO and marketing teams.

Users need services to be adapted to their needs and lifestyle, not the other way around. The conditions of each person and each house are different, and need to be addressed.

User of a usability test

The design process was long, interesting and often required us to adapt to a context and a market - such as the energy market - that was very volatile. The result was a complete digital product, capable in one hand of simplifying the life of the end customer and on the other hand of creating value for an unprecedented and promising business.


Hybrid sessions

Customer workshops were organised on a face-to-face and remote basis, as appropriate.

Wireframes and user flows

The different user flows were worked out to ensure the best user experience.

Butik: building a digital brand

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