An app to digitalise paddle tennis competitions

Break Tour is a company dedicated to the organization of paddle tennis tournaments. Now that the sport is beginning to be more digital, Break Tour sees a unique opportunity to position itself as a reference in the sector. Secuoyas helped Break Tour to conceptualize and design their app, to allow the company to scale their business and expand nationally.
  • Industry

    • Sports
  • Client

    • Break Tour
  • Skills

    • Interaction design
    • Research
    • Visual design
  • Team

    • 2x Product designer
  • Date

    • July 2022


Scalability and business expansion

Break Tour has experience and reputation as organisers of paddle tennis tournaments in Catalonia. Until now, the organisation and management of the events was carried out manually and required the constant presence of staff during the tournament. This resulted in a local and not very scalable business model. That is why Break Tour decided to develop an app where they could create tournaments and allow players to sign up for competitions, thus allowing them to make the leap to the rest of the country.


Understanding and defining the project

From the beginning, we worked closely with the Break Tour team to define their product together before we started designing it. After working through several sessions, we determined the target user profile, which then guided us throughout the design process. We conducted interviews with users to understand their needs, and thanks to this we traced the player's journey (User Story Mapping) in the app.

In this way, we were able to describe in detail all the functionalities necessary for the application to respond correctly to the user's needs and Break Tour's objectives. These functionalities were then evaluated and prioritised together with the client and the development team to create a roadmap and define the MVP.

The definition of the MVP was a very important step for the client: by actively participating in the process, they were able to define the priorities of their business and thus understand how to phase their product over time. Secuoyas facilitated several work sessions with the client's development team, in order to assimilate the technological implications of the different functionalities in depth.

Once the MVP was defined, we started working on the following phases: user flows, wireframes and finally, the design of the final screens. Break Tour was involved in the whole process through periodic reviews and thanks to this, the work was aligned at all times with their expectations. In this way, we were able to consolidate a relationship of trust between Break Tour and Secuoyas until the end.

Digitise the brand

Digital extension of an "analog" brand

In this project we did not limit ourselves to designing an app. We detected that the client's brand manual was not developed with enough detail to extend to a digital product. Therefore, we proposed to the client to design an extension of the brand, including, among others, extended colour palettes, icons and illustrations.

The result was a comprehensive and complete brand manual, with all the necessary elements to guide the creation of digital touchpoints. The colours selected, together with the icons, typography and illustrations help to transmit the values of a young, modern and daring company.

Finalising the project

Finally, we created a clickable prototype where all the key interactions that define the experience can be tested. This provided a faithful guide of the end user's interaction with their app for development efforts. We also monitored the project during the development phase to test the application and ensure the quality of the final product.

Customer presentation

Presentation of the work to the client

Remote sessions

Part of the team working on a session based on a mind map.

Presentation of Results

Detail of some slides from the presentation of the research results.

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