Griddo lands at CUNEF to give its brand a new boost

Coinciding with the celebration of its 50th anniversary, CUNEF launches its new website and corporate identity. Thanks to Griddo, the institution will take a decisive turn in its digital transformation process.
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    • Education
  • Client

    • CUNEF
  • Skills

    • Content strategy
    • Design system
    • Information architecture
    • Product development
    • Visual design
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    • 2x Product designer
    • 3x FrontEnd Engineers
    • 1x Project Manager
  • Date

    • October 2023


An institution committed to educational excellence

On 25 October 1973, the Boletín Oficial del Estado published the Decree authorising the creation of the Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros (CUNEF).

Five decades later, coinciding with its 50th anniversary, CUNEF University has launched a new website, new corporate image and a new slogan: "New times, new leaders".

Aware of the need to adapt to current standards, the institution has enlisted the help of Secuoyas to transform the experience offered to the university community and society.

Forbes Ranking

CUNEF is the best private university in Spain in 2023 according to Forbes, a magazine specialising in the world of business and finance.


Years together

We help CUNEF in the process of growth and evolution of its digital assets. From the Design System to the technology.


DS parts

They can be combined, rearranged and adjusted to any device or screen, achieving a fresh, modern and elegant result.



Between undergraduate, postgraduate and executive training, CUNEF's educational institution offers a wide range of top-level training.

New web design for CUNEF
New CUNEF website

The strategy

The starting point was the analysis of the CUNEF website to understand the needs of the project: application of the new corporate identity, improvements in information architecture and user experience. Through analysis of the website and data provided by information sources such as Google Analytics, we made design proposals and drew up the inventory of modules needed to build the site.

At the same time, we started the development tasks related to importing content from the previous website, integrating the contact forms with the CRMor connecting with other toolssuch as the teachers' database . Thusbegan a process focused on obtaining a website that was easy to manage, more flexible, and at the same time offering great performance.

New web design for CUNEF

Adoption of the new brand

From the design point of view, one of the biggest challenges was the renewal of the CUNEF University brand.

The institution took advantage of the 50th anniversary to update its corporate identity, which affected both the logo and the typographies.

As a result, all the elements of the design system have been updated to adapt to the new brand, ensuring visual coherence .

We faced a complex challenge: to find a technology that would adapt to the growth and new identity of CUNEF University. Griddo has provided us with the necessary versatility and flexibility for our 50th anniversary.

Pablo Landaluce González : Head of Institutional Communication
Information architecture CUNEF

Navigation model

An expanding educational offer
In terms of user experience, one of the focuses was on the difficulties in navigating through menus. The sites of educational institutions are always a challenge because they usually have a very large web tree. This can lead to problems when it comes to accessing qualifications, as navigation becomes complex when using drop-downs and accordions. This problem is accentuated on mobile, where performance must be flawless if users are to reach the deepest levels of navigation.
CUNEF mobile navigation

Flexibility and efficiency in content creation

One of the biggest challenges in managing the digital assets of educational institutions is time-to-market. They need to create degrees, landings or any other type of content quickly and without relying on a design or development team.

As in the rest of the projects carried out with Griddo, we have created an ad-hoc interface that allows the creation of any type of page or landing page in minutes using the modules of the design system.

CUNEF web redesign

Improved online visibility

As part of the strategy to improve the visibility of the CUNEF website, we optimised various elements of the portal's technical SEO.

The migration to Griddo has been a first step to obtain better performance results, which has an impact on the user experience and on the site's reputation in the eyes of search engines.

At the same time, the migration has allowed for a restructuring of content, which has resulted in a reduction of URLs to be analysed by search engines, simplifying their work and making it easier for important content to stand out more.

Security also helps to avoid reputational problems for the website. The security of Griddo compared to other CMSs prevents problems arising from possible injections of malicious code.

Griddo and CUNEF

Design modular

Creative flexibility to respond to any need

Projects developed with Griddo are not conventional static sites that are designed and implemented in a closed structure.

The approach is that of an ecosystem of sites, templates, modules, components and elements ready to be combined within a design system. This allows the user to adjust, reorganise and customise as needs evolve.

Modules are combined to create study pages, degree listings, landings pages or a blog, ensuring a coherent visual and conceptual experience.

Modular and responsive design CUNEF

Design responsive

An optimal experience at any time or place

Another crucial factor that stands out is the integration ofresponsive web design, which enables us to reach a varied and ever-evolving audience.

The ability to adapt to any device or screen ensures that students, parents, teachers, and any individual connected to the university can enjoy an optimal experience seamlessly, no matter how or when they access the content.

CUNEF students

"New times, new leaders

Openness to innovation and commitment to educational excellence are the hallmarks of this new era at CUNEF, and we at Secuoyas are tremendously proud to be part of this exciting journey.

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